Paris Olympics Medal Ranking

Explore the excitement of the Paris Olympics as you determine the top-ranked country based on their medal counts.
Points: 4
Published: 20 Jul 2024

Wimbledon Winner Predictor - 2024

Predict the Wimbledon winner! Develop a program using player names, win rates, and form ratings to determine the most likely champion.
Points: 2
Published: 9 Jul 2024

T20 World Cup 2024 - RRR Calculator

Calculate the required run rate for a T20 World Cup 2024 cricket match with current score, overs bowled, and target score.
Points: 5
Published: 29 Jun 2024

UEFA European Championship Possession Calculator

Calculate possession percentages in a UEFA European Championship match. Given team names and possession change times, output possession percentages in the specified format.
Points: 4
Published: 22 Jun 2024

Boeing Starliner Docking Problem

Determine if trajectory adjustments are possible based on the thruster operational status for the Boeing Starliner spacecraft.
Points: 3
Published: 8 Jun 2024

SpaceX's Starship Heat Shield Monitor

Identify the IoT device with the highest heat shield temperature from SpaceX's Starship reentry data.
Points: 2
Published: 2 Jun 2024

International Space Station Cargo Selection

Determine which items can be sent to the ISS without exceeding the weight limit. Parse item weights, and maximize cargo weight close to the limit.
Points: 6
Published: 25 May 2024

Google Releases Gemini 1.5

Develop a function for Google Gemini 1.5 to identify the primary context of Gmail emails by extracting the most frequent meaningful word.
Points: 3
Published: 19 May 2024

Apple Introduces M4 Chip

Compare the performance of Apple's latest M4 chip with its predecessors by calculating execution time for complex calculations on iPad devices.
Points: 5
Published: 12 May 2024

Formula 1 - Autonomous Racing League

Join the Formula 1 Autonomous Racing League and calculate total points for car companies across races!
Points: 3
Published: 4 May 2024

Earth Day - Calculate Paper Sheets Saved

Calculate the total paper sheets saved by enabling paperless setting on user profiles. On this Earth Day, Optimize environmental impact efficiently.
Points: 3
Published: 28 Apr 2024

Transformers One Movie Trailer is Out!

Transformers One Movie Trailer is Out! Join our CGI team for a challenge: simulate a transformer's movement on a 2D grid using cardinal directions.
Points: 3
Published: 20 Apr 2024

LIV Golf Masters Odds Calculator

Calculate LIV masters golf tournament odds by analyzing historical data. Determine the favorite player to win based on average final scores.
Points: 3
Published: 14 Apr 2024

Solar Eclipse Research Balloon

Track balloon movements during a solar eclipse with our Balloon Distance Calculator with GPS coordinates.
Points: 6
Published: 5 Apr 2024

YouTube Introduces Exclusive Shorts

Test YouTube's new exclusive Shorts feature queue generation system. Ensure correct allocation of member-only shorts to paying subscribers.
Points: 5
Published: 30 Mar 2024

IPL - Fastest Bowler Award

Determine the fastest bowler in an IPL match with our speed detection system. Calculate ball speeds for each delivery and find the fastest bowler! 🏏🚀
Points: 5
Published: 24 Mar 2024

Reddit Gears Up For Stock Market

Determine Reddit's initial share price and maximize stock profit with a function. Assets, liabilities, shares, and market demand factors considered.
Points: 3
Published: 16 Mar 2024

Fornite's Outage Monitor

Track real-time reports against historical averages, get alerts when thresholds are exceeded. Optimize your monitoring system for Fortnite server stability.
Points: 5
Published: 9 Mar 2024

Waymo - Robotaxis Daily Profit Calculation

Efficiently compute daily profit for Waymo rides, considering distance, duration, maintenance, and accident costs.
Points: 4
Published: 2 Mar 2024

WWE Elimination Chamber: Perth

Join the fierce action of a WWE Elimination Chamber match! Wrestlers with ranks and health levels clash until one emerges victorious. Simulate the electrifying elimination process now!
Points: 7
Published: 24 Feb 2024

Sora's Usage Analysis

Discover the peak hour of usage for OpenAI's Sora video generator in its first 24 hours. Analyze timestamps to find the hour with the highest activity
Points: 5
Published: 17 Feb 2024

Apple Vision Pro Digital Crown Adjustments

Dive into Apple Vision Pro spatial computing! Validate lens adjustments effortlessly for a seamless experience. #ProgrammingChallenge
Points: 5
Published: 4 Feb 2024

Australian Open Player Ranking

Elevate Australian Open viewing: fetch player ranks by last names efficiently, ensuring a seamless and dynamic broadcasting experience. 🎾
Points: 7
Published: 28 Jan 2024

Samsung S24 Battery Optimization

Optimize Samsung s24 battery with high-priority apps. Maximize life, and elevate mobile experience.
Points: 5
Published: 20 Jan 2024

Bitcoin ETF Profit Maximizer

Optimize your yearly profits as a day trader with this coding challenge. Maximize returns trading Bitcoin ETF, buying and selling strategically.
Points: 5
Published: 14 Jan 2024

Count Odd-Even Events

Master date manipulation in code! Count events with both odd/even year and day in a given date range. Sharpen your skills now.
Points: 10
Published: 6 Jan 2024

Countdown to Midnight

Code a countdown_to_midnight! Calculate the time remaining in HH:MM:SS format for an optimized New Year's Eve simulation.
Points: 5
Published: 29 Dec 2023

Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas!

Optimize Santa's gift list! Find gifts for a recipient in Python. Get them in a comma-separated string. Solve Santa's challenge now!
Points: 5
Published: 23 Dec 2023

X's AI Chatbot Grok

Optimize Grok's response accuracy with Jaccard similarity. Implement 'GrokJaccardSimilarity' to assess overlap in unique characters, refining natural language processing for enhanced AI chatbot interactions.
Points: 5
Published: 16 Dec 2023

GTA VI Mission Status Tracker

Elevate GTA VI gaming! Our Mission Tracker simplifies completed missions, revealing a precise 'completed_missions/total_missions' ratio for an enhanced gaming experience.
Points: 4
Published: 9 Dec 2023

Tesla Cybertruck Mile Range Calculator

Calculate Tesla Cybertruck's range effortlessly. Estimate miles with battery capacity and energy consumption. Drive efficiently with our calculator!
Points: 3
Published: 1 Dec 2023

Black Friday Discounts

Maximize Black Friday savings! Calculate discounts on your cart. Apply a percentage discount with a maximum limit per item. Shop smart, save big!
Points: 5
Published: 25 Nov 2023

Formula 1 Starting Grid Order

Calculate Formula 1 starting grid positions from qualifying lap times. Input: DriverName, LapTime pairs. Output: Sorted driver names for an exciting race day!
Points: 4
Published: 17 Nov 2023

Diwali Lights Challenge

Illuminate your Diwali celebration with this coding challenge! Design a flashing algorithm for a street adorned with lights.
Points: 5
Published: 10 Nov 2023

Unlock Skins in Fortnite v27

Unlock Fortnite v27 Battle Pass skins by checking your current level against the required levels. Return a list of unlockable skin names
Points: 4
Published: 3 Nov 2023

Trick or Treat

Optimize Halloween candy collection and maximize treat bags by smartly visiting houses based on candy and bag capacity in this algorithm.
Points: 7
Published: 27 Oct 2023

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 - PS5

Solve Spider-Man's battles! Calculate health and energy after combined actions with attacked, dodge, heal, and recharge.
Points: 6
Published: 21 Oct 2023

Cricket World Cup 2023: Predicting Final Scores

Elevate ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 with precise live score forecasts. Our tool, using the current score, overs completed, and run rate, ensures data-backed decisions and an exciting fan engagement
Points: 4
Published: 14 Oct 2023

Google Pixel 8 - Audio Magic Eraser

Revamp audio with 'Google Pixel 8 - Audio Magic Eraser.' Our algorithm removes noise, preserving clarity.
Points: 7
Published: 7 Oct 2023

Reddit Post Earnings Calculation

Calculate Reddit post earnings in dollars based on upvotes, comments, and reads with a simple function. Optimize your earnings calculation effortlessly.
Points: 3
Published: 29 Sep 2023

Instacart's Driver Assignment Logic

Optimize grocery delivery with Instacart's Driver Assignment Logic. Efficiently assign orders to drivers based on location, ensuring timely and seamless deliveries.
Points: 10
Published: 22 Sep 2023

Microsoft: Iranian hackers behind the cyberattacks

Enhance your cybersecurity measures post the recent Microsoft breach. Detect multiple failed login attempts within a 60-second window to safeguard your system. Identify potential threats and stay secure.
Points: 9
Published: 15 Sep 2023

Apple's Wonderlust Event

Discover event times for Apple's Wonderlust event by product type. Easily find when iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks are announced!
Points: 4
Published: 8 Sep 2023

Pragyan Rover Navigation

Navigate the lunar terrain with the Pragyan Rover in this coding challenge. Implement commands to move, turn, and explore the 2D grid, solving a dynamic space exploration scenario.
Points: 12
Published: 31 Aug 2023

Largest Drone Attack Cluster

Uncover significant clusters in drone attack distances from the city center. Identify patterns using a distance threshold, facilitating better security analysis.
Points: 8
Published: 18 Aug 2023

Women's FIFA World Cup - 2023

Find the top team & points in the Women's FIFA World Cup group stage. Solve the coding challenge and uncover the leader in exciting standings.
Points: 5
Published: 3 Aug 2023

Oppenheimer : Atomic Elements Count

Optimize chemical analysis with Dr. Oppenheimer's help! Develop a Python function to count occurrences of atomic elements in comma-separated compounds. Get concise element counts in 'element:count' format, making chemical analysis a breeze!
Points: 11
Published: 27 Jul 2023

Fervo's Carbon-free Geothermal Energy Plant

Optimize Fervo's geothermal energy plant's power output! Select a subset of wells with maximum total power within constraints. A renewable energy challenge!
Points: 5
Published: 21 Jul 2023

Chandrayaan-3: India's Historic Moon Mission

Calculate the thrust generated by Chandrayaan-3's powerful rocket engine for a successful lunar landing near the unexplored south pole. Input exit velocity, inlet velocity, and mass flow rate to determine the force that propels the mission forward. Get accurate results using this program.
Points: 2
Published: 15 Jul 2023

Threads, an Instagram app

Calculate the conversion rate from Instagram to Threads with this coding problem. As an Instagram developer, analyze the user conversion rate by providing the counts of Instagram and Threads users. Implement a function to calculate the percentage of Instagram users who have joined Threads.
Points: 3
Published: 7 Jul 2023

Fortnite Leaderboard in Discord!

Track and display the top player in each category on the Fortnite Discord leaderboard. Calculate rankings for Victory Royales, Eliminations, Assists, Damage Dealt, Fish Caught, and Distance Traveled. Get the index of the top players for each category. Challenge your friends and claim bragging rights in Fortnite
Points: 5
Published: 30 Jun 2023

Bumble For Friends

Introducing Bumble For Friends! Find common ground with potential pals. Our algorithm compares hobbies/interests to determine if you share more than 2. Connect with like-minded individuals effortlessly.
Points: 4
Published: 24 Jun 2023

Reddit API Pricing Calculator

Optimize your Reddit API costs with our Reddit API Pricing Calculator. Easily calculate the monthly cost of using Reddit's API based on the number of requests per day. Stay within the pricing tiers of Free, Basic, and Pro to manage your expenses effectively.
Points: 5
Published: 17 Jun 2023

Canadian Wildfires

Improve air quality assessment with the calculateAverageAQI function. This code calculates the average Air Quality Index (AQI) for a given month based on daily measurements. Enhance your Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) tasks by accurately determining the average AQI and monitoring air quality more effectively.
Points: 3
Published: 11 Jun 2023

National Donut Day

Celebrate National Donut Day with our coding problem! Group different donut types and their counts. Solve efficiently. Try it now!
Points: 5
Published: 2 Jun 2023

Tesla's Cybertruck : Charging Simulator

Looking for a coding challenge? Try our Tesla Cybertruck coding problem! Develop a program to simulate the charging process of Tesla's Cybertruck. Calculate the time required to fully charge the Cybertruck's battery based on its capacity and the charging rate. Sharpen your coding skills and tackle this engaging problem inspired by the revolutionary Cybertruck. Get coding now
Points: 2
Published: 27 May 2023

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Boost Your Treasure Hunt with the 'Collect Max Treasure' Method | Join Link in Hyrule as he aims for maximum treasure. Discover Nintendo's code snippet for an exhilarating quest, triggering an 'Awesome!' message.
Points: 4
Published: 21 May 2023

New Twitter CEO Linda Yaccarino

Analyze Twitter Sentiment with TextBob | Join Twitter's CEO in calculating average sentiment. Classify tweets as 'Negative,' 'Positive,' or 'Neutral' based on polarity scores. Enhance decision-making on the platform.
Points: 3
Published: 14 May 2023

The AI Wars Have Begun

Uncover the Most Popular AI Chatbot | Discover the leading chatbot in user count. Explore the competition between ChatGPT, Bard, and OpenAI ChatGPT. Gain insights into the evolving conversational AI landscape.
Points: 3
Published: 6 May 2023

Spotify Outage

Optimize Server Load at Spotify | Avoid website issues with intelligent load management. Adjust server count based on CPU usage to ensure seamless performance. #SpotifyTech
Points: 3
Published: 29 Apr 2023

SpaceX Launches Starship

Monitor Rocket Speed with Precision | Explore SpaceX's system to ensure expected speeds during launches. Get real-time alerts for deviations. Achieve optimal flight performance.
Points: 7
Published: 22 Apr 2023

Falling Lithium Prices

Calculate Electric Vehicle Range | EPA's role in determining EV mile ranges. Discover how average distances covered provide insights into upcoming electric vehicles. Achieve accurate range estimations.
Points: 2
Published: 7 Apr 2023

TikTok Hearing Analysis

Analyze User Growth Impact at TikTok | Explore how TikTok measures change in user growth by country's population. Calculate percentage variations for insightful analysis.
Points: 4
Published: 1 Apr 2023

Twitter Trending Hashtag

Discover Trending Hashtags on Twitter | Find the hashtag with the highest tweet count. Stay updated on the latest trends by analyzing tweet popularity. #curiousdrive
Points: 4
Published: 22 Mar 2023

Silicone Valley Bank Problem

SVB Customer Payback Calculation | Determine the amount customers will receive after Silicon Valley Bank's collapse. FDIC ensures insured deposits and covers up to $250,000. Stay informed!
Points: 3
Published: 17 Mar 2023

Bowling Strike Rate

Calculate Bowling Strike Rate | Determine a player's effectiveness in cricket with the strike rate formula. Input deliveries and wickets to get an accurate strike rate. #cricketstats
Points: 3
Published: 10 Mar 2023

Penalty Shootout

Determine Penalty Shootout Winner | Compare team scores in a soccer penalty shootout. Get the winner or 'Tie' if the scores are equal. #soccerstats #penaltyshootout
Points: 5
Published: 28 Feb 2023

Last Index Of

Find the last position of a letter in a string. Returns -1 if the letter doesn't exist. Efficient solution for letter search in a given string.
Points: 3
Published: 14 Oct 2022

Uppercase and Lowercase

Convert a string to upper or lower case based on a given letter. Flexible case conversion solution for efficient string manipulation.
Points: 3
Published: 10 Oct 2022

Replace in strings

Replace a specific string in a given source string with a new string. Efficient solution for string replacement in a flexible manner.
Points: 3
Published: 10 Oct 2022

Is it a Number

Determine if an input is a valid number. Print 'Yes' if it is, otherwise print 'No'. Efficient solution for number validation in programming.
Points: 3
Published: 4 Oct 2022

Find the Position

Find the position of a character in a string. Returns -1 if the character is not found. Efficient solution for character search in a string.
Points: 3
Published: 3 Oct 2022

Sort Ascending Order

Sort numbers in a string separated by '.' and print them in ascending order. Efficient solution for numeric string sorting and formatting.
Points: 3
Published: 26 Jun 2022

Find the Next Smaller Number

Find the next smaller number by rearranging the digits of a given number. Efficient solution for finding the closest smaller permutation.
Points: 3
Published: 9 May 2022

Sort a String

Sort a lowercase string alphabetically. Efficient solution for arranging characters in ascending order for easier manipulation.
Points: 3
Published: 2 May 2022

Find First and Last Odd Numbers

Find the first and last odd numbers in a list. Efficient solution for identifying and retrieving the boundaries of odd values.
Points: 3
Published: 19 Apr 2022

Calculate Area Of A Circle

Calculate the area of a circle given the radius. Accurate and efficient solution for obtaining the rounded area of a circle.
Points: 3
Published: 6 Apr 2022

Insert Character

Insert a '*' character at a specific index in a string. Efficient solution for modifying string values at a desired position.
Points: 3
Published: 2 Apr 2022

Find Max Value

Find the maximum value in a list of numbers separated by '.' Efficient solution for determining the highest value in a given list.
Points: 3
Published: 2 Apr 2022

Find Min Value

Find the minimum value in a list of numbers separated by '.' Efficient solution for determining the lowest value in a given list.
Points: 3
Published: 2 Apr 2022

Count Capital Letters

Count the number of capital letters in a string. Efficient solution for determining the count of uppercase characters in a given string.
Points: 3
Published: 2 Apr 2022

Two Places Decimal

Round a given value to two decimal places. Efficient solution for formatting a number with precision to two decimals.
Points: 3
Published: 2 Apr 2022

Concatenate Strings

Combine two strings into one. Efficient solution for concatenating and merging strings to obtain a single result.
Points: 3
Published: 2 Apr 2022

Substract Two Numbers

Subtract input2 from input1 and obtain the result. Efficient solution for performing subtraction operations on given inputs.
Points: 3
Published: 2 Apr 2022

Divide Two Numbers

Perform division of two numbers. Efficient solution for dividing given inputs and obtaining the quotient.
Points: 3
Published: 2 Apr 2022

Multiply Two Numbers

Calculate the product of two numbers. Efficient solution for multiplying given inputs and obtaining the result.
Points: 3
Published: 2 Apr 2022

Sum of Digits

Calculate the sum of digits in a given number. Efficient solution for obtaining the sum of individual digits in a numerical value.
Points: 3
Published: 2 Apr 2022

Reverse String

Reverse a given string. Efficient solution for reversing the order of characters in a string for easy manipulation and analysis.
Points: 3
Published: 2 Apr 2022

Factorial Number

Calculate factorial of a given number. Efficient solution for obtaining the product of all positive integers up to the given number.
Points: 3
Published: 2 Apr 2022

Palindrome String

Check if a string is a palindrome. Efficient solution for determining whether a given string reads the same forwards and backward
Points: 3
Published: 2 Apr 2022

Prime Number

Check if a number is prime. Efficient solution for determining whether a given number is divisible only by 1 and itself.
Points: 3
Published: 2 Apr 2022

FizzBuzz Problem

Apply FizzBuzz logic to a given number. Efficient solution for printing 'Fizz', 'Buzz', or 'FizzBuzz' based on divisibility rules.
Points: 3
Published: 2 Apr 2022

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